Precision NCT technology

After we received the drawings, we will decide the production type Laser cutting, CNC punching or cutting and tooling according to the part drawings and different down material way. Then make the extend dimension. Because the affection of CNC punching machines, the edge will be burr  during punching the irregularly-shaped and anomaly holes, which we will de-burr process in the next . At the same time , it will affect the precision of parts. But laser cutting is no this limit, the cutting fracture surface smooth, it is more suitable to punch irregularly shaped holes. But it take more time in small parts !!

    Place the work table near the machines, which is more easy to manufacture and operate !!

    2> we have to de-burr after the material punched , use flat file in common connection dot; some time use sander for big burr.  De-burr by small file in small inside holes, to ensure the surface beautiful.  At the same time , de-burr to ensure the bending location more easy , to ensure the whole quality of parts dimension !!

    3> The next process is corresponding according to the different parts. Some bending, some riveting, some taping, some spot welding and some bending segment gap.  Some time rivet the nut and standoff after bending one or two times; but the process of punching convex hull by simple toolings  should done in advance, it can avoid the intervene of other technology process. Especially there are card grooves in the cover and base , it should be made before bending.

   4> When we bending the parts,  it is the key to decide the tooling and groove by the dimension and material thickness to avoid the collision between the parts and upper tooling. Choose the down tooling by sheet thickness. Then we have to decide the bending precedence order, the principle is the inside first then out and big. To pad the crushing side it should bending the parts to 30—40 degree, then the tooling pad the crushing side. To rivet, we should consider the height of standoff to choose different jig; then adjust the machines air pressure to ensure rivet the standoff and parts the surface level !!

   5> We have argon arc welding, dot wielding and spot welding etc, but the first we have to think the spot welding site , then control the location frock to ensure the correct welding site during mass manufacture process !! To ensure the welding firmly,  we will punch the salient point in the parts,  which can ensure the salient point to contact the flat sheet uniformly.  At the same time, we have to adjust the  prepressing  time , keep press time and hold time, stop time; to ensure the parts spot welding firmly !! We will polish the surface after spot welding, where there are craters .

   6> We will surface treatment the parts after bending and riveting, and there are different treatment of different material.  The SPCC need zinc plating, and painting and printing ; some will be parkerising treatment before painting.  The SECC should be degrease then painting. The stainess steel can wiredrawing processing without painting, some can painting after de-burr.  The AL material should be alodine after punching, which can ensure the clean of surface and increase  the surface corrosion resistance !!

   The clean process is clean the parts by water, then  hang the parts in the production line, pass the cleaning solution, then rinsing and toast; we can pick down the parts at last.