Company News

November 30th, 2020

Hop Cheong Metal Product  Fty. Ltd. have more than 30 years experience in stamping metal parts including surface treatment, after we continuously make efforts that we have many overseas customers; for example Japan, United State and Israel Germany and Singapore etc that we cooperate each other for many years !! And we have China customers location in ShenZhen and DongGuan city. All has honestly cooperate and the PO. Is stable every month, what’s more Hop Cheong product quality is very good; we always provide the high grade and in-time service for all our customers !! Especially Israel customer business increase every years, which is most share in Hop Cheong business !!

    In a short time ago, our Israel customer operation VIP visit our factory special trip, has a meeting with our General manager in a friendship way. Both of us believe that our business will increase in the future, and are comfortable with our honestly cooperation !!

    In this week, our Germany customer also visit our factory, he ask us new require to our continuous cooperation !! The customer always agree our parts quality, and ask new require and cooperation way !! Both of us will discuss to decide a better new cooperation way to improve the efficiency !!

    Look forward to 2019, we believe our future and will make efforts without stop !!